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J-Pay is a reliable way for businesses to pay and get paid
with a trustworthy e-wallet.

Business-to-business financial transactions – made easier and better. J-Pay has a vision for the modern way. With a vision of being the leading e-wallet for businesses – we end the hassles of the slow traditional system and empower sending payments to merchants with just a click.

Take that first step towards achieving your financial goals and open the door to countless possibilities for digital transformation and business success.

Who We Are

Every Business Success Starts With Transactions
Every Financial Transaction Starts With J-Pay

We provide your business the power to send and receive payments that work for you and give you peace of mind. We believe that every organization no matter their location and status, should have access to a payment service that is hassle-free and reliable.

At J-Pay, we believe that technological innovation is an enabler. That is why we are building a scalable and secure digital wallet. We are a team of professionals committed to customer experience and satisfaction.

With a mission of making B2B payments simple and secure, we allow you to transact with merchants faster and empower business growth. J-Pay optimizes your payment processes. Transact with the world in the most convenient way.

A team of software engineers discussing their financial software solution
Our Solutions

End the Long Lines of Payment Procedure

In a dynamic digital landscape, where speed and security are paramount to success – we offer a hassle-free process and secure payment option.
J-Pay transforms merchants-to-enterprise payments. We streamline and simplify the payment process – empowering you to achieve digital transformation and business growth. 

Receive Deposits

As an e-wallet, receiving deposits is a crucial part of our solution. We are a payment transaction instrument with a wide array of networks extending to local banks and other financial institutions. 

Our deposit-receiving service comes with fraud prevention and risk management to ensure that the deposits of your customers are safe and secure.

Send Withdrawals

Our send withdrawal solutions partner with local banks to guarantee the convenient processing of your money and ensure a fast way for you to grow. Experience an efficient way of streamlining your business operations with J-Pay.

Our innovative withdrawal-sending feature reflects the latest innovative technologies in the payment industry.

Our Promise

Fast Payment Process. Faster Revenue.

J-Pay is a partner you can rely on. We offer more than a payment instrument. We offer you a gateway to trustworthy B2B payment services and financial success. With us, you can take your business to the next level.

Hands presenting innovative software application that can receive deposits and send withdrawals

Innovation is in the DNA of J-Pay. Our team of experts stays at the forefront of technology to develop innovative solutions. Our passion for innovation enables us to provide you with the best solution that lets you enjoy the latest payment innovation.

A security system that performs fraud detection and risk management to safeguard customer’s data and money

Your financial security is our top priority. We understand the importance of safeguarding your data and money. That is why we employ robust fraud detection and risk management tools to guarantee the safety of your data and money.

J-Pay and its customer shaking hands and collaborating on a custom software solution

Our merchants are at the heart of our company. We work together with various businesses across different industries to ensure a unified way of making payments. Our commitment to satisfaction is a testament to our passion for providing the best possible service.

Who We Serve

Efficient and Effective Payment Solutions on Demand

J-Pay eliminates worry and enables a stress-free process for businesses across various industries. We provide an e-wallet payment service along with strict fraud security measures to guarantee business continuity and success.

An accountant managing the financial records of a client
Finance Industry

Every second counts in the financial sector. Accelerate transactions to guarantee that your customers are happy and satisfied.

A customer on an e-commerce website shopping for shoes
E-commerce Industry

A hassle-free process makes your clients stay and come back for more. Simplify your payment method to enhance customer experience.

A hospital employee calculating the medical bill of a patient
Healthcare Industry

In health care, relieving the burden off of your patients with stress-free medical billing is crucial. Send capitation and receive fee quickly and easily with our solution.

Different insurance policies are categorized into a folder including the fees and payments
Insurance Industry

Streamline insurance policy payment for accurate disbursement. Streamline invoice payments today with low transaction fees.

A supplier discussing with its buyer how to effectively manage its supply chain and product
Retail Industry

Simplify B2B transactions and elevate supply chain management efficiently. Transact with manufacturers and buyers easily and quickly.

A person planning their vacation through a travel booking website with an online reservation system
Travel Industry

Accelerate reservation systems and online bookings – grow your business by ensuring that your payment system is efficient and effective.

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We are Not Just a Business
We are a Company Optimizing Payment for Success

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